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IWB Resouces

Interactive Whiteboard Resources and Links

Journalistic Writing

Family Learning

A new section which will focus on a family based approach to learning.


Level 1 Teaching Assistants

Keep Children Safe and Well L1

Effective Learning NCFE Level 1

Level 2 Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants

Resources, links and advice

Better Reading Partners

70px-Brp-logo.gif A 10 week intervention programme to improve reading using real books.

Project Based Learning

Articles, examples, resources and links for project based learning.


advice re SEN policy plus external links

Primary Modern Foreign Languages

Links and resources

Practical literacy ideas

A selection of practical ideas collected and evaluated.

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A resource sharing website which anyone can edit, aiming to become a major sharing place for free educational resources for use in schools and at home. We believe that enough people have experienced sites such as Wikipedia to be able to appreciate the simple concept of having a website which anybody can correct and contribute to, easily and quickly without having to email somebody else first for permission.

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