The Useful Wiki

Students from my Preparing for NVQ Teaching Assistants course should click on this link: Effective Learning NCFE Level 1
The usefulwiki is a place to share resources and practices mostly related to education. Go here if you want to look something up, write something for yourself or upload a resource file. Our vision is for an open-content resource sharing site to be the best place to find useful, up-to-date resources provided completely free of charge.

London Theatre Breaks

London Theatre Breaks
We love going out to see a good play or musical and London Theatre Breaks is our information blog about West End musicals, plays and comedies for booking weekend and midweek breaks to London.

Classroom Displays

Classroom Displays

Linda Hartley’s award winning Classroom Displays blog was hosted here at but has now moved to its own domain at

The usefulwiki blog

The usefulwiki’s own blog is for announcements and news relating to the project and the domain.

So at first, the development category is going to be fequently used, mainly by Andy for documenting software updates and issues, in a time orientated structure.

Redbridge TAs Classroom Displays and ICT Training Day

Two classes of NCFE2 teaching assistants will be making their way here looking for this year’s class notes. So here is the link I promised them:

NCFE2 Teaching Assistants 2008/9

If they have time they should also have a look at the rest of the wiki.