Les Miserables Movie TV Special

Les Misèrables Movie Special

Today Wednesday 5th December is the World Premiere in London for Les Miserables the movie, and while all the glitterati are assembled in the West End, a team from ITV will also be conducting interviews to add to a TV special to go out on New Year’s Day afternoon, that’s Tuesday, 1st January 2013 ITV1 from 4:50PM to 5:45PM

Michael Ball and Emma Willis will be recording footage around the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, where all the world’s big movie premieres take place now, in order to host this special programme. The narrative will show how a much loved classic book has gone on to become Les Miserables the most successful musical in the world and has now been transformed again into one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year.

The Odeon Leicester Square has a capacity of 1679 seats, and a photogenic frontage with an instant red carpet with balustrades and portable trees that spring up on an almost weekly basis as new films are launched to the press there. The press photographers’ pack have an institutionalised area to stand and park their stepladders and flashguns while waiting for the opportunity to snap that all important ‘arriving in a gown’ picture of the A List celebrities who are either the stars of the film or just VIP guests for the occasion.

But getting back to the press release about the TV Special for Les Mis the Movie:

The one-hour programme includes exclusive interviews with the cast including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne.

The programme takes a fascinating look back at the phenomenal success of the stage musical, showing footage from some of the 42 countries where is has enjoyed success as well as clips from the star studded birthday and anniversary performances.

Producers Cameron Mackintosh and Eric Fellner along with director Tom Hooper give a fascinating insight into how this masterpiece was created. From the inspired casting choices to the locations and the many challenges they faced.

Les Misèrables Movie Special shows how this movie broke new ground with the actors singing live, by exclusively showing the orchestra recording sessions at Abbey Road and insightful behind-the-scenes footage.

That’s actually sounds quite promising, that they will be showing some of the technique used with the stage actors to capture live singing for a movie. Any film maker, recording technician or singer should be interested as the kind of technology which is becoming increasingly available to all, and which lends itself to a live performance aesthetic, may be converging in some respects with what the professionals are now turning their enormous budgets towards at a much higher level.

The TV Special is also going to catch a much wider captive audience airing as it will on New year’s Day in the afternoon. This should result not only in piquing a growing interest from people developing an intention to go and see the movie when it it release in the UK nationally from January 11th, but also in the course of the year more people will start to think about going to see the ultimate live on stage version by booking Les Miserables theatre breaks to London’s Queen’s Theatre itself.

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